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  Kiley dedicates her life to helping others become the best possible version of themselves. Her passion began while teaching fitness classes as a student at Michigan State University. What started as a healthy way to make extra cash, turned into a 25-year journey through the hearts, bodies, and souls of thousands of people with whom Kiley has developed long lasting friendships. Today, she continues to empower and motivate participants of all ages across the nation.

   In addition to classes, Kiley is proud to say she has been employed by some of the most distinguished companies in the fitness business including Life Time Fitness (Troy, Michigan), Lincoln Park Athletic Club (Chicago, Illinois), The Sports Club LA (Boston, Massachusetts), Equinox (New York, New York), and The Atlantic Club (Red Bank, New Jersey).

   She has also been spotted teaching special events in Central Park for Lululemon, featured as a trainer in Self Magazine, chosen as an original Brand Ambassador for Phat Buddha Wear clothing line, hired as a contributing writer for Diabetes Health Magazine, and most recently a selected as a continuing guest speaker for the SCAN (Senior Citizens Activity Network) organization podcast and YouTube channel.

    In addition to teaching clients in person and virtually, Kiley is the Fitness/Wellness Director for New Jersey’s most luxurious healthy living community called The Villas of Manalapan and Holmdel. There she promotes a holistic lifestyle for all residents. She further assists those with all stages of cognitive decline by guiding them through a specialized program called Revite Wellness. When Kiley isn’t working, she enjoys swinging from the monkey bars in her home gym with her two children, River and Gigi, watching movies with her husband, Christian, and making trips back home to Michigan to relax with her parents.

     If you ever wonder what the best possible YOU might feel like, reach out to Kiley. She would be honored to be a part of your incredible journey.

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